Bisque Golf

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We’re Bisque, an urban community with an ardent love for golf and a keen eye for style. We tread the lawn with a slightly irreverent mindset, but also a determination to take home the trophy.
Founded in Amsterdam by seasoned retail professionals and avid golf playing buddies Ido de Voos, Marc van Dodewaard and Cheng Liem Li, Bisque leverages a love for the game as a foundation for a new and hybrid community of like-minded urbanites. Obviously, golf paired with an urban lifestyle comes with a new attitude, a new mindset, and last but not least, a new attire.
Our brand name Bisque spawns from the rebel side of golf, but also signals a quirky approach to the game and its rules, and more importantly, what our community stands for. Our collections blur the lines and redefine the game of golf as a new lifestyle. Bisque is all about performance golf wear yet with a distinct fashion focus that taps right into the eclectic sensibilities of a discerning urban demographic.
The upcoming Bisque store, scheduled to open in Amsterdam late Spring 2022, is the beating heart of our operations. Situated in the city’s scenic Canal District, it’s a retail space, club house and event space rolled into one. Imagine a design-led place with an extended living room vibe where our community gets together, sniffing out the newest drops or showcases, or simply hangs out to catch up over coffee.
But that’s not all. Understanding the needs of a thriving interconnected community, Bisque also provides its members an opportunity to sell or trade apparel, accessories and other golf necessities.

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