Progress Shop Amsterdam

Progress Shop Amsterdam


We have learned from our experience that sportswear can help you to maintain or even improve your performance, that is why in our shop you will find a selection of top sport clothes brands fight wear and MMA accessories.


We offer you sport supplements from verified and certified manufacturers, to ensure that you always get product with good quality ingredients and their effective amount, to optimize your training and sport performance.


At Progress Shop Amsterdam you can find:


Men's rashguards with long or short sleeves

Compression shorts and Vale Tudo shorts

Men's sports leggings

Training shorts for grappling or MMA

Women's rashguards with long and short sleeves

Women's sports tops

Women's sports leggings


We also offers high-quality training accessories, such as:


MMM gloves

Shin guards


Boxing bandages and inner gloves

Sports backpacks


However, this is not the end, because we know well from the experience how important is the supplementation of a physically active person, which is why in Progress Shop Amsterdam you will find sports supplements such as:


Whey proteins - Protein shakes

Veggie proteins

Supplements for muscle gain - Gainers


Amino acids – BCAA’s and EAA’s

Beta Alanine

Pre-workout supplements

Post-workout supplements

Fat burners

Sports vitamins

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