Vortex Flow

Vortex Flow
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Leusden, Utrecht


Are you looking for personal growth and development? As an empathetic life coach, I, Anouk van Gangelen, am here to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and achieving your full potential. As a mother and experienced coach, I use a holistic approach to help you identify your limiting beliefs, discover your core values ​​and tap into your intuition. My methods are aimed at strengthening your confidence in your own feelings and intuition, so that you can work step by step towards realizing your possibilities. This process is enhanced by energy work and body work, which works deeply at the cellular level. My personal development has been accelerated by life experiences, such as overcoming a miscarriage, which have brought me closer to my intuition and feelings. Dare to trust what your intuition tells you. Let's get acquainted in a no-obligation conversation, so that we can explore together what I can do for you. Choose your FLOW with coaching from connection!

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